Lead Generation

We understand that building a pipeline is vital.  The team work seamlessly with a number of clients and many initial short-term assignments are extended due to their success.Having worked within many organisations this is an area that is at times avoided and given a lower priority – this is where we come in – we love the challenge of identifying new business opportunities – it’s an art – our methodology guarantees success in getting quality leads.We build relationships with your prospects – we gain their trust which allows us then to deliver quality leads to you.  How do we do this? Our methodology covers:-
  • Getting to know your business and the products and services it offers
  • Getting an understanding of how your offering helps your target market
  • Building on your experience on handling competition/common objections
  • Acquiring basic knowledge about each suspect/prospect before contact
  • Prospect nurturing – developing relationships with prospects so that contact is welcomed and perceived as adding value
  • Setting clear objectives of the campaign so that we both understand the measures of success.
  • CRM Management – keeping up to date records of every contact/communication within your CRM. We have experience with working with many CRM systems
  • Lead/Prospect Management – we can manage information follow-up, call-backs, the initial qualification process and prospect management.

See http://alternativeresources.co.uk/leadgeneration/sectors/ for sector experience



Depending on the brief, face to face, telephone or on-line meetings/demos can be arranged for your sales team based on previously agreed criteria.

So depending on the level of qualification agreed, each appointment made will be accompanied by a comprehensive meeting brief which will capture details on:-

  • Company and individual profile information
  • Contact details – Linked In, Switchboard, Direct line, Mobile, Email
  • The Need
  • Any compelling events including any recent news stories – does your solution solve a specific problem for the prospect
  • Any objections?
  • Budget
  • Decision Making Process
  • Timescale
  • Competition
  • Selection of dates for meeting


Managing the longer-term contact with your prospects – through email, agreed call-backs, CRM updating and management


Need to drive attendance to your event?  Are you looking for a specific profile attendee?  We can take your target list and manage the contact and invite process – both by calling and email contact.


Are you in contact with all your customers on a regular basis?  If not, here is a missed opportunity.  Up-selling to an existing customer is often easier than converting a brand-new suspect. A customer care programme can deliver the following: –

Customer feel good factor – you care!

Identification of new opportunities

Issue identification – often can lead to new opportunities if you demonstrate you are listening

Updating of information


With a number of cloud applications, annual hosting renewals can sometimes be missed.  By calling the customer giving them verbal notice of the renewal this ensures any admin/PO requests are on time and in addition is a customer care/up-sell opportunity.


Representing your organisation in initial fact-finding meetings – what are the issues, what are they trying to achieve, who are the key stakeholders involved in the decision, what timescales are they working to, who else are they talking to and what budget are they working to.

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